Code of Conduct

Journal for International Medical Graduates (JIMG) is the official journal of the California Institute of Behavioral Neurosciences and Psychology (CiBNP). Authors submitting their articles are expected to respect the JIMG Code of Conduct. CiBNP and JiMG are adamant about the seriousness of plagiarism and scientific fraud. There is a zero tolerance policy on activities such as plagiarism and scientific fraud. Moreover, the following activities are considered as serious in nature and will be dealt with seriousness

• Plagiarism (copy pasting or quoting someone without reference)

• Scientific Fraud (any kind of lying and deceiving in your paper like creating fake data for your project)

• Lying and being dishonest (This is not just limited to your manuscript but it must be avoided while communicating with the journal)

• Cheating, forgery, and fabrication of all kinds. Stealing anyone’s data.

• Threatening anyone will not be tolerated

• Use of foul language will not be tolerated and immediate action will be taken

• Impersonation and using someone else’s identity

• Conduct that is illegal according to state and federal law of the United States of America

An author found to be involved in any of the above mentioned activities may be banned and the conduct will be reported to the author’s primary institution.